What is Sensorimotor Psychotherapy?

Sensorimotor psychotherapy is a modern therapy that combines somatic therapies, attachment therapy, cognitive disciplines, Buddhism and neuroscience.  It is a body-centered talk therapy that uses mind, body and emotions as tools to access and repair inner conflict and emotional wounding.


Each person has a unique way of being and relating in the world; based on the template they came into the world with, what environment they were raised in and how they adapted to that environment.  The ways in which we related to others and to the world becomes habituated and is expressed through postures, movements, thoughts, and emotions.  We continue to relate in these pattered ways, even if it’s not helpful or even when it becomes detrimental to our relationships or to our concept of self.

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy teaches clients to follow and discover this often unconscious information through mindful awareness and somatic interventions and strategies.  These habituated patterns can then be discovered, examined and changed. This work is very powerful and changes the foundation of our understanding about self and others, in a way that is liberating and deeply healing.

“Sensorimotor Psychotherapy is an informational model of psychotherapy; if the system gets enough of the right kind of information, it will spontaneously reorganize itself in the direction of greater health.”

             -Pat Ogden  SP Founder

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